Together, we share our many gifts!

As servants of Christ, we are entrusted with one powerful, sacred mission: to proclaim the Lord. How is the Archdiocese of Toronto serving that call?

Our diverse ministries and hundreds of parishes spread across 13,000 km2 of Ontario. De Sales Ministry to the deaf, outreach programs for inner-city youth at John Paul II Family Centre, chaplaincies at universities and at the airport are some of the direct ways that you can find us at work.

But that’s too powerful a call to keep to ourselves. Our parishioners also build up the faith abroad by funding missionaries, disaster relief, and welcoming refugees to safer shores.

This financial report is not just our commitment to stewardship but our thank-you to parishioners for sharing their time, talents and treasure. For every person that you have enabled us to minister to, you have our gratitude. For all the seeds that we have been able to sow with your support, we thank you.

Each dollar spent tells a story. Here’s ours:

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