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Educational Partners
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Education and religious formation for Catholic students, at both the elementary and secondary levels, who wish to attend Catholic schools is provided by the five Catholic School Boards in the Archdiocese.

School Boards

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Private Schools

The following private Catholic Schools are located in the Archdiocese of Toronto:

  • St. Michael’s College School
    1515 Bathurst Street,
    Toronto, Ontario, M5P 3H4
    Phone: 416-653-3180

  • De La Salle
    131 Farnham Avenue,
    Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1H7
    Phone: 416-969-8771

  • Hawthorn School for Girls
    101 Scarsdale Road,
    Toronto, Ontario. M3B 2R2
    Phone: 416-444-3054
    Fax: 416-449-2891
    Website: www.hawthornschool.com

  • Mary, Mother of God School
    1515A Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON M6R 1A5
    Phone: 416-531-7897
    Fax: 416-531-1026
    Website: www.marymotherofgodschool.org

  • Northmount School
    26 Mallard Rd.
    Toronto, Ontario
    M3B 1S3
    Phone: (416) 449-8823
    Fax: (416) 449-1244

    Website: www.northmount.com

  • St. Thomas of Villanova College School - at Marylake
    2480 - 15th Side Road
    P.O. Box 133
    King City, Ontario, L7B 1A4
    Phone: 905-833-1909
    Fax: 905-833-1915
    Website: www.villanovacollege.org
    Email: info@villanovacollege.org

  • St. Michael's Choir School
    67 Bond Street
    Toronto, Ontario M5B 1X2
    Phone: 416-393-5518
    Fax: 416-393-5880
    Website: www.smcs.on.ca
    Email: smcsweb@hotmail.com

  • Holy Name of Mary College School
    2241 Mississauga Road
    Mississauga, ON L5H 2K8
    Phone: 905-891-1890
    Fax: 905-891-2082
    Website: www.holynameofmarycollegeschool.com

  • Lumen Veritatis Academy - Streetsville Campus
    225 Broadway Street
    Mississauga, ON L5M 1J1
    Phone: 905-813-9215
    Website: www.lumenveritatis.ca

  • Lumen Veritatis Academy - Thornhill Campus
    191 Wade Gate,
    Thornhill, ON L4J 5Y4
    Phone: 905-597-4933
    Website: www.lumenveritatis.ca

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If your child is attending a non-Catholic school, elementary or secondary, contact your local parish for information on what religious instruction is available there.

All parishes provide preparation for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation for children in both school systems and in private schools (Norms For Sacramental Preparation, Archdiocese of Toronto, 1996, #54, 55).

Catholic University

The following Catholic University is situated in the Archdiocese of Toronto:

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Faculties of Theology

The following Faculties of Theology are located in the Archdiocese:

  • Regis College
    100 Wellesley Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2Z5
    Rector: Reverend Robert Foliot, S.J.

  • St. Augustine’s Seminary
    2661 Kingston Road,
    Scarborough, Ontario, M1M 1M3
    Rector & President: Rev. Monsignor A. Robert Nusca

  • Faculty of Theology
    University of St. Michael’s College,
    81 St. Mary Street,
    Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1J4
    President: Anne Anderson, CSJ

  • St. Philip Neri, Faculty of Theology
    c/o Holy Family Parish,
    1372 King Street West,
    Toronto, Ontario. M6K 1H3
    President: Very Reverend Jonathan Robinson, C.O.
    Phone: 416-532-2879
    Fax: 416-532-8733

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Ecclesiastical Faculties

The following Ecclesiastical Faculties are located in the Archdiocese:

  • St. Philip Neri, Faculty of Theology
    c/o Holy Family Parish,
    1372 King Street West,
    Toronto, Ontario. M6K 1H3
    Phone: 416-532-2879
    Fax: 416-532-8733
    President: Very Reverend Jonathan Robinson, C.O.

  • Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
    59 Queen’s Park Crescent E.,
    Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2C4
    President: Reverend James K. McConica, C.S.B.

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Other Educational Partners

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