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May 10
You&Me Exhibit Stirs Hearts at Brampton School

The following post was contributed by David Patterson, Chaplaincy Leader at St. Edmund Campion Secondary Scool in Brampton.

"We make hundreds of choices every day. Some are insignificant; others can impact our lives forever."

During Catholic Education Week 2017, St. Edmund Campion Secondary School in Brampton teamed up with the Sisters of Life and the Re:Generation Missionaries to bring the You&Me exhibit to Canada for the first time. The multimedia exhibit draws you into an encounter with six people facing challenging situations who discover the freedom and joy that comes from a love that is willing to sacrifice for the good of another.

Part of the You&Me exhibit at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School.

The You&Me exhibit has been presented to thousands of people at the St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington, D.C., at the largest English-speaking site at World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, Spain, at the SEEK Conference in Nashville, TN, and at a number of college campuses across the U.S.

Throughout the day, St. Edmund Campion senior students were able to explore the multimedia exhibit. They concluded their journey at the school chapel, where Eucharistic Adoration was held throughout the day. 

Part of the You&Me exhibit at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School.

The testimonials from students spoke to the power of their personal experience of the exhibit and to their encounter with God:

"It's really amazing to see how God works in people's lives, and it gives me hope He can work in mine."

"If that is what love is, I hope I experience it one day."

"It was really powerful. It made me so grateful for what my parents have done for me."

"It brought tears to my eyes."

"This was eye-opening."

"Honestly, I'm speechless."

"It's amazing to see how God works."

This exhibit invited students to truly experience the power of hope and to discover the truth that Love never fails.


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