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Apr 14
Raising Children in the Faith During COVID-19
Raising children in the Catholic faith can be difficult at the best of times these days. But when we are separated from our parish community because of COVID-19, this can be even more challenging.

Are you struggling to maintain a regular prayer routine with your family? Do you need help explaining the teachings of the Church to a little one? Are your children and your family simply having problems coping during COVID-19?

The below resources can help your faith life during these unusual times:

  • At Home with Your Faith: The Archdiocese of Baltimore has day-by-day suggestions to help you live faith in the domestic church, your home. 

  • The simplicity of Taizé Songs makes them perfect choices for children of all ages.  Find Easter selections such as "Bless the Lord," or "Jubilate Servite"  on your favorite music streaming service. The Taizé Community Choir album is a good choice.  

  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd USA is providing a wealth of resources tailored to a child's developmental stage. These range from how to prepare a prayer table, praying with children at home, developmentally suitable scripture passages, and resources for celebrating liturgical seasons at home.  

  • The Way of Christ faith formation program: During the COVID-19 quarantine, the St. Philip’s Institute encourages you to follow the Way of Christ. Download their small catechism for free and work through the lessons using the videos and 10-question quizzes for each lesson. 


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