​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ecumenical and Interfaith Affairs​

Vision: The unity of all divided humanity is the will of God. The prayer of Jesus that “all may be one” inspires our vision to preserve unity and live in harmony.
Mission: To promote the goals of the Roman Catholic Church in its pursuit of Christian unity and interfaith understanding and cooperation within the Archdiocese of Toronto through prayer, dialogue and teaching, and to represent the Archdiocese in ecumenical and interfaith events.
Founding principles: The Ecumenical & Interfaith Affairs Office was established by Gerald Emmett Cardinal Carter on September 30, 1987. Cardinal Carter said that it was the responsibility of the local church, following the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, “to implement worldwide ecumenical directives, but also to take the initiative, within the unity of faith, to enrich this movement by our own forms of ecumenical action in prayer, education, the media, social work and theological exchange.”

Our Ecumenical & Interfaith Activities
The Ecumenical & Interfaith Affairs Office actively participates in outreach, religious and social causes that live out our vision and mission. The Office organizes, promotes and participates in:

• Week of Prayer for Christian Unity services
•  "Iftar" dinners during Ramadan
• Special Jewish social and religious events
• Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh celebrations
• Archdiocese of Toronto initiatives ; like Season of Creation, youth       programs, etc.
• Annual Friars’ Student Writing Competitions
• Interfaith prayer services
• Seminars for awareness and formation of the faithful
• Collaboration with different organizations; 
  addressing homelessness and other social justice issues in Toronto