​​Office of Human Resources

General Overview

Human Resources provides support to clergy, supervisors, managers and employees with all employment matters. Human Resources also administers the Volunteer Screening Program and Accessibility at the Archdiocese of Toron​to.

Key areas include:

Policies and Procedures for Lay Employees – accountable for the development and updating of policies and procedures affecting lay employees of the Archdiocese, both in parishes and at the chancery office.

Support Services – directly involved in the recruitment and selection of personnel at the chancery office, while advising pastors on recruitment, selection, and employee relation matters at the parish level.

Administration Services – works closely with payroll and is responsible for performance management, salary, benefits and pension administration for chancery office staff. Acts in a consultative role for the parishes on these matters.

Employee Support – employees have direct access to Human Resources for consultation, discussion of concerns and the interpretation of Archdiocesan policies and procedures. ​

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