​​​Office of Vocations

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Welcome to the Office of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Toronto! We are here to support you in the process of discerning God's great calling for your life. Along the universal path of holiness to which we are all called, each of us also has the privilege of living out a particular vocation, a state of life, a way of making a total gift of self to God and His Creation: Priesthood, Consecrated Religious Life, Holy Marriage, the Permanent Diaconate, or Committed Single Life in Christ.

For those of you interested in exploring your unique and particular vocation, you've come to the right place!

Our goal is to help you respond to God's call in your unique journey. We provide vocational discernment resources, a friendly atmosphere, and connections with others on the path of discernment.

Let us help you. Our resources begin on our website: www.vocationstoronto.ca

Jesus invited you here. 

To His disciples, He said, "Come, follow Me...."

Let us help you.

Office of Vocations

Office of Vocations

Office of Vocations

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