​​​​​​​​​​​Our ​​Holdings

Earliest Record: A 1787 land grant entitling Alexander Macdonell to part of 200 acres of land in Charlottenburg, Quebec (now South Glengarry, Ontario).

Earliest Book: Pseudo-Augustinus [St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo]. Sermones ad Heremitas. Venice: Paganinus de Paganinis, 1487​. This incunable is from the Sol and Morton Eisen Collection.

Linear Extent: ARCAT holds 800 linear meters of records – that's taller than the CN tower!

Most awesome artifact: A blank ballot for voting in the Papal Conclave​.


Through our fonds and collections, ARCAT seeks to promote an accurate understanding of the origins, aims and goals of the Archdiocese by preserving the documentary heritage of its offices, agencies, parishes and institutions. Our holdings can be generally grouped into four parts:

​1. Episcopacy​ of the Archdiocese of Toronto

Image of archival documentAdministrative records of the Bishops, Archbishops and Auxiliary Bishops of Toronto documenting their ecclesiastical challenges and daily activities. This includes papers of Bishop Alexander Macdonell, who was the first bishop of the Diocese of Kingston, which from 1826-1840 included the territory of the current Archdiocese of Toronto.  The papers are described at the file or ite​m level up to the end of Archbishop Pocock's episcopate.  Finding aid​​s, including item level descriptions, are available for research use up to 1961, which marks the end of Archbishop James C. Cardinal McGuigan's active episcopate.


  • Bishop Alexander Macdonell fonds (M AA01 – M TA01)
  • Bishop Michael Power fonds (P AA01 – P TA01)
  • Bishop Armand F.-M. de Charbonnel, P.S.S. fonds (C AA01 – C TA01)
  • Archbishop John J. Lynch, C.M. fonds, including the papers of
  • Auxiliary Bishop Timothy O'Mahony (L AA01 – L TA01)
  • Archbishop John Walsh fonds (W AA01 – W AF01)
  • Archbishop Denis O'Connor, C.S.B. fonds (O AA01 – O TA01)
  • Archbishop Fergus McEvay fonds (ME AA – ME TA)
  • Archbishop Neil McNeil fonds (MN AA – MN WL)
  • Archbishop James C. Cardinal McGuigan fonds (MG AA – MG TA)
  • Archbishop Philip F. Pocock fonds (PO AA – PO VA) *
  • Archbishop G. Emmett Cardinal Carter fonds (CA) *
  • Archbishop Aloysius M. Cardinal Ambrozic fonds (AM) *
  • Auxiliary Bishop Benjamin I. Webster fonds (WE AA – WE CU)
  • Auxiliary Bishop Francis V. Allen fonds (AL AA – AL SR) *
  • Auxiliary Bishop Francis A. Marrocco fonds (MA AA – MA SR) *
  • Auxiliary Bishop Thomas B. Fulton fonds (FU AA – FU SU) *
  • Auxiliary Bishop Robert B. Clune fonds (CL) *
  • Auxiliary Bishop Leonard J. Wall fonds (WA) *


2​. Administra​tive Records of the Archdiocese of Toronto

Image of tubes of architectural drawingsDocuments pertaining to the day-to-day business of the offices and agencies of the Archdiocese, including some subject based collections such as the World Wars, Catholic Cemeteries, Education, etc. The most commonly accessed collections are the Parish Historical Records, and Architectural Drawings.

  • Offices and Agencies of the Archdiocese of Toronto
  • Parish records:
    • spiritual statistics
    • financial reports
    • correspondence
    • parish property files
    • parish sacramental records
  • Diocesan Quinquennial Reports*
  • Architectural Drawings of Archdiocesan-Owned Buildings (ARCH)
  • Clergy Personnel Records*
  • Roman Correspondence (M RC – AM RC)*
  • Apostolic Delegate/Pro-Nuncio (O DS – AM DS)*
  • Papal Statements (M PS – AM PS)
  • Religious Orders files*
  • St. Augustine's Seminary (SA BG01 – SA ST03)
  • First World War (FW CS – FW WE)
  • Second World War (SW CS – SW WE)
  • Catholic Cemeteries (CC SP – CC BU)
  • Education (ED BI – ED UN)
  • Diocese of St. Catharines (SC AA – SC AK)


3​. Other C​​ollections

Image of archival boxes

Ancillary records regarding Archdiocesan committees and commissions, as well as Catholic institutions and organizations working within the Archdiocese.

  • Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (OC01)
  • Senate of Priests (OC02)
  • Youth Organizations (OC03)
  • Christian-Jewish Relations (OC04)
  • Ecumenical Relations (OC05)
  • Catholic Charities (OC06)
  • Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada (OC07)
  • Catholic Information Centre (OC08)
  • "Catholic Register" (OC09)
  • Catholic Truth Society (OC10)
  • Catholic Children's Aid Society (OC11)
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society (OC12)
  • "The Church Today" (OC13)
  • Holy Name Society (OC14)
  • Italian Pastoral Commission (OC15)
  • Knights of Columbus (OC16)
  • Knights of the Holy Sepulchre (OC17)
  • Knights of Malta (OC18)
  • Legion of Mary (OC19)
  • Eastern Churches in Communion with Rome (OC20)
  • Ethnic Catholic Groups (OC21)
  • Liturgical Commission (OC22)
  • Daughters of Isabella (OC23)
  • Popular Devotions and Pious Organizations (OC24)
  • Canadian Catholic Union (OC25)

​4​. Special Collections ​

​​applique and embroidered detail from ARCAT textile collectionCollections determined by material format. In the past, these items were often removed from other areas of the archives to facilitate preservation and access. Special collections – including photogr​​aphs, rare books, artwork, textiles, and artifacts - enrich the administrative records of the other three parts of our holdings.​

  • Artifacts (AF)
  • Altar Stones (AS)
  • Audio Visual materials (AV)​
  • Artwork, Drawings and Maps (AW)
  • Cemetery records (CR)
  • Desk Calendars (DC)
  • Diocesan Seals (DS)
  • Holographs (HO)
  • Letterbooks (LB)
  • Medallions (MD)
  • Microfilm
  • Missals (ML)
  • Newspapers (NP)
  • Papal Bulls (PB)
  • Photographs/Graphics (PH)
  • Rare Books (RB)
  • Relics (RE)
  • Scrapbooks (SC)
  • Sacramentaries (SM)
  • Textiles (TX)

*These records are closed to researchers because: they were created after 1961; and/or they have been designated private or confidential; and/or they consist of unprocessed material. The regular conditions of our access policy apply to all textual records without an asterick.