​​​​Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1 Course

Observation Page

Please read, The Human Tendencies and Observation (scheduled for May 30, 2020) and Practical Skills of Observation (scheduled for May 29, 2021) in the Montessori Essentials Section of your Course Packet before beginning your observations.  We encourage you to watch these more than once, focusing on a single human tendency each time.  You will find observation guides in your Google Classroom.

Observation 1: Edison's Day

Observe 20 month-old Edison as he moves throughout the moments of a typical day in his Montessori-informed household.  

This 30 minute video is free through the month of April. Follow this link https://vimeo.com/ondemand/edisonsday to find the video on Vimeo.  You will need to create an account.  The promo code for the free rental is FREEAPRIL.  

Observation 2: Montessori Guide Videos

The Montessori Guide website offers videos focused on the child's  developmental stages, which are perfect for practicing the art of observation.  

We suggest beginning with My Day (19 min.), which comes with its own observation guide.

Next, watch Transitions (20 min.);  note how the children enter into the room to begin their work.

Connection (8 min.) speaks to the essential role of the adult in connecting the child to the environment and thereby supporting normalization. (Connection is the final video on the page.)

Peer to Peer Learning (10 min) offers a visual reminder of the child's silent request: "Help me to do it by myself": 

Consider also, viewing Observation and the Teacher (16 min.), located towards the bottom of the page  in the Primary and Elementary Videos.

Observation 3: Montessori: Let the Child Be the Guide

We watched 30 minutes of this lovely new film by French director Alexandre Mourot in our last formation session. We strongly encourage you to take the time to watch the entire film, which can be rented from Amazon.com or from iTunes

Choose one of the following sections to focus on during each viewing: 

1. Self-discovery, beginning at 10:24

2. The Sensitive Periods: 21:20

3. The Adult's Role: 31:42

4. A Child's Will: 43:19

5. Children's House: 53-56