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Disaster Relief

(September 26, 2017) Over the course of the past several weeks, hurricanes, tropical storms and violent earthquakes have devastated a number of countries in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Hurricanes Irma, Jose, Maria destroyed thousands of homes, businesses and churches and left thousands of people without water, shelter or power. Places such as Anguilla, Antigua, The Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Dominica, Florida, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, the Turks and Caicos Islands all suffered crippling damage. As well, on September 19, a massive earthquake hit Mexico City, causing 286 deaths – just two weeks after an earthquake leveled buildings and killed at least 90 people in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The situation remains grave for the injured and displaced.

In an effort to support people in that region who have been impacted by these disasters, the Archdiocese of Toronto is accepting funds that will be sent through Catholic relief channels. Contributions can be made through our parishes and through the Archdiocese of Toronto online portal.

Relief workers from the official Catholic relief agency, Caritas Internationalis, are on the ground. Caritas Mexico teams are determining how the earthquakes have affected local populations. Catholic partners in other affected regions are also actively caring for the victims of these disasters and determining the long-term needs for recovery.

Those wishing to help through a financial contribution may do so in the following ways:

We offer our prayers for all those impacted by these tragedies. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to assist those in crisis