​​​Planned Giving

Bequests in a Will

A bequest in your Will to our Church is an acknowledgment of your returning to God a portion of the gifts He has bestowed on you during your lifetime. Charitable bequests can have a favourable impact on your overall estate plan and positively affect gifts you make to your loved ones.

Bequests are NOT just for the “wealthy”. Bequests are the one charitable gift that allows you to use charity tax credits against 100% of your income. Not only can you claim 100% but you can also claim the taxes from the previous year as well. You can support your parish with little effect on your loved ones’ inheritance.

A proper estate lawyer is the key to making an effective estate plan that fulfills your wishes, takes care of those you love and ensures your affairs are concluded in a fair and agreeable manner.

We have a free estate planning kit to help you make your plan. The Archdiocese of Toronto also maintains a list of advisors in our parish area who are available to assist in your estate planning and the preparation of a Will.

Please contact us for bequest wording, our free kit or a list of Catholic estate advisors in your area:

Quentin Schesnuik 
Manager, Planned Giving and Personal Gifts
Development Office

All calls are strictly confidential, there is no fee or charge for this service.

Tribute Gifts

  • Assistance for groups or individuals making a gift to honour, remember or recognize someone with a charitable gift to a parish or charity.

More and more people are making charitable donations in lieu of gifts at for Christmas, birthdays gifts and anniversaries. 
You can give to ShareLife and the Shepherds’ Trust online.

It is also important to recognize the power of tribute giving as part of an estate plan. Family members are often too distraught to consider the wishes of the deceased and don’t choose any charity at all when printing an obituary. By including your wish list in your estate plan, it could mean life changing gifts in your memory to a charity you love!

For more information on Tribute giving please contact us:

Nerissa Flores 
Development Coordinator

All calls are strictly confidential, there is no fee or charge for this service.