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Conference Resources

So you couldn’t bilocate and attend two workshops at once? Or maybe you enjoyed the Cardinal’s keynote address or a workshop so much that you want to mull it over but can’t remember what they said. That’s OK because we have you covered! Below you will find the video of the Cardinal’s keynote address along with workshop presentation notes and handouts that were available at the conference.

Feel free to watch and download and spend as much time as you like reflecting on them! Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends who were not able to attend! Please note that some presentations notes and handout were not made available to us.

Cardinal Thomas Collins Keynote Address

Cardinal CollinsCardinal Thomas Collins
Archbishop of Toronto

In his keynote address, the Cardinal speak about how over the past several years we have been deepening the vision of our Pastoral Plan based upon Sacred Scripture. Our pastoral plan invites each Catholic in the Archdiocese to reflect on our role as stewards of God’s many gifts, calling us to a profound inner conversion that leads us to a spirit of generosity, most fully revealed in the sharing of time and talent with others.


Office of Formation for Discipleship: We’re Here to Serve You!

Fr. Chris CauchiFr. Chris Cauchi
Director of the Office of Formation for Discipleship

In case you’re wondering what we’re up to in the Office of Formation, Fr. Chris Cauchi tells all about the new and exciting ways we’re here to serve the parish leaders within the Archdiocese. From workshops, to training days, to resource libraries, we searching, collecting and building a database of tools and resources to help you live our your mission as grateful missionary disciples.


Practical Approaches to Refining Your Catechesis

Leslie MillerLeslie Miller
Parish Catechist; Facilitator, Archdiocesan Online Catechist Formation Programme, Archdiocese of Toronto; Religious Education Consultant, Pearson Education Canada

The successful catechist pays attention to the different gifts and circumstances that the learner brings to each session. Learners vary according to first language ability, religious affiliation, background knowledge, learning strengths, and behavioural standards. This complexity poses both challenges and opportunities for the catechist. This workshop provided practical ways of helping catechists increase their repertoire of strategies for negotiating our realities. The best of educational and catechetical thinking was given to give you as new tools for your ministry.


Current Resources for All Catechists

Dr. Constance Price, Ph.D.Dr. Constance Price, Ph.D.
Manager, Online Catechist Formation Program, Office of Formation for Discipleship

This workshop provided current print, internet, and Toronto-area resources for catechists of both adults and children. It included resources and opportunities for the faith formation of the catechist.

Unpacking the Potential of RCIA

Fr. Michael McGourty, SLDFr. Michael McGourty, SLD
Pastor, St. Peter’s Church Toronto; Sessional Lecturer, St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto

The RCIA has the potential to change people’s lives – both participants and parishioners. Explore how to engage your new Catholics and keep them attending long after the RCIA ends. We unpacked strategies for integrating new members into the parish community through ministry and help them to grow their sense of belonging. Parishioner engagement is not something “extra to RCIA” – it represents the dynamic fruits of RCIA.

Formation not Frustration: Canon Law Highlights for the RCIA Catechist

Fr. Alexander Laschuk, JCD, Ph.D.Fr. Alexander Laschuk, JCD, Ph.D.
Associate Judicial Vicar, Toronto Regional Marriage Tribunal

This workshop explored the canonical issues you need to know. Strategies were discussed for tackling the most challenging RCIA questions regarding Canon Law and marriage and reception into the Church. Timing is everything – the earlier issues are discovered and addressed, the happier your Formation process will be.


The Mass: Christ Transforming Us from Worship into Service

Gregory BeathGregory Beath
Lay Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation, The Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure

What exactly is the Mass? Why did Christ institute it? How does liturgy form us as disciples? Are you ready to see your ministry in a new light? Deepen your spiritual and faith experience of ministry through an enriched understanding of why Catholics do what we do in Mass. Come and be amazed!


This Wonderful Sacrament: A Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Dr. Rebecca Spellacy, Th.D.Dr. Rebecca Spellacy, Th.D.
Associate Director, Liturgy, Office of Formation for Discipleship

If you are a leader or coordinator of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion in your parish, please enjoy a new document from the Office of Formation for Discipleship, “This Wonderful Sacrament: A Guide for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion”. Learn how this document can help you in the ongoing training and formation of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in your parish by providing a list of norms and guidelines, theological reflection on the Mass and the Eucharist, and some helpful tips for deepening a love of and devotion to the Eucharist.


Empowering Grandparents in Sharing the Gift of Faith

Mary Kay BoaseMary Kay Boase
Director of New Evangelization, Holy Family Parish Whitby

In today’s reality, grandparents can play an indispensable role in their grandchildren’s lives. Through their witness and words, grandparents pass on the incredible gift of the Catholic faith. Be inspired by Holy Family’s “GrandCamp” launch in Whitby this summer. Explore different ways parishes can support grandparents in their faith forming ministry.


Encountering Christ in the Sick and Dying

* Round 1 AM only

Dr. Josephine Lombardi, Ph.D.Dr. Josephine Lombardi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Systematic and Pastoral Theology, St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto

Listening is a gift that goes both ways. Learn how your “ministry of presence” can compassionately support someone who is sick, dying or bereaved. At each visit, you are brought face to face with the suffering Christ. Spiritual benefits are there both for the person suffering and the person accompanying them. Are you ready to receive these gifts?


The Quickening – Spirituality for Maturing Adults

Rev. Msgr. Samuel J. BiancoRev. Msgr. Samuel J. Bianco (retired)
Former Pastor of Corpus Christi; Former Rector of St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica

Have you noticed your spiritual life picking up speed? Are you asking questions about life’s meaning, your connection to God and striving to redefine spirituality? The second half of life brings these concerns into sharp focus, making it a rich and rewarding time of growth and renewal. By immersing ourselves in Scripture, discover how to rebirth your faith life and share your personal gifts in parish ministry.


Social Justice – A Vision of Support for Individuals and Families

* Round 1 AM only

Matthew Marquardt Most Rev. Vincent Nguyen Elio Sergnese Sisters of the Institute of the Incarnate Word

Matthew Marquardt, Lawyer; Founder of the Catholic Conscience voters’ initiative

Most Rev. Vincent Nguyen, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, Eastern Pastoral Region

Elio Sergnese, Program Manager, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto
Sisters of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish

Our super panel of speakers spoke about their part of the social justice world. See how the Archdiocese of Toronto is engaging in Social Justice using three different lenses:

Bishop Vincent Nguyen - Bishop Nguyen spoke of formation and how Social Justice is an intrinsic part of the very nature of the Church.

Elio Sergnese -  Elio spoke about Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto and how it fulfills its role of providing social services, leadership and advocacy.  At its core is Catholic Social Teaching, that focuses on the poor and marginalized, and urges all of us to build a just society and safeguard human dignity.

Sisters of the Institute of the Incarnate Word - The Sisters shared their unique insight of how their parish ministry is helping the poor in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood.


Unleashing the Power of Deep Stewardship

* Round 1 AM only

Leisa AnslingerLeisa Anslinger
Director of Catholic Life and Faith, a center for evangelization, stewardship and servant leadership development, Cincinnati, USA 

Stewardship is not fundraising! Leisa spoke about the real meaning of stewardship and how you can help revitalize your parish by encouraging people to share their God given gifts – their time and talent - with your parish community. An example of how deep stewardship transformed a parish community was shared as well as valuable resources that you can begin using right away!


Helping Young People Journey with God

* Round 2 PM only

Leisa AnslingerLeisa Anslinger

Director of Catholic Life and Faith, a center for evangelization, stewardship and servant leadership development, Cincinnati, USA

Even though we may have a strong relationship with Christ, we are never finished products of discipleship! Rather, living as disciples of Jesus is an ongoing life of conversion, growing as people who live for God and others. Reflect on your call to discipleship and explore ways you can help lead young people and their families in your parish to grow as followers of Jesus Christ. In this workshop, we will showcase a framework you can use to more effectively reach this important group.


So You’re Looking for Volunteers? Best Practices for Attracting and Sustaining People

Beverly O’GradyBeverly O’Grady
Team Member, Office of Formation for Discipleship

We’ve canvased the top stewardship parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto and we are ready to divulge their secrets! These parishes have a gift for getting people to generously share their time and talent in parish ministry. Learn about real world experiences and see how your volunteer base can be strengthened and expanded.

More photos of various ministries in action