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The Role of Ritual Objects in Our Traditions

Wednesday, August 1,2018 at 7.00 p.m.

at City Shul, 300 Bloor St. W. Toronto

  Discussion, preceded by a special presentation of ritual objects at City Shul

For details, Please Contact

Daniel Niamat: dniamat@archtoronto.org or 416-934-3400, ext.527

Nick Gunz: nick.gunz@gmail.com or 647-863-1634

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Parliament of the World's Religions - Toronto 2018


NOVEMEBER 1-7, 2018

What is the Parliament of World Religions?

            It is an international body of all distinguished religions in the world. The goal of this diverse body is to celebrate the richness and diversity of the World's religious and spiritual traditions. The goal is social and global transformation through exchanging ideas and values practiced by the followers of these religions around the world.

What happens at the Parliament of Religions?

            Great scholars from around the world talk and discuss about big challenges the world is facing and how faith based communities around the world can constructively play their role by motivating the governments and other big influential players in the world. Some of the topmost discussed issues are; climate action, rights of Indigenous people around the world, women's dignity, countering hate and violence, challenges faced by our next generation and justice for all. Great performers around the world will perform to entertain the participants, dance, film and singing will be the key events at the parliament. There will be theme based workshops, faith spaces for prayers, discussion and faith based literature will be available for the participants.

When and where will be the Parliament of World Religions be held this Year?

It will be held from November 1- 7, 2018 at Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you are interested please visit:


How many People are attending this event?

            It is expected that 80 nations and about 10,000 people will be coming to Toronto. 

History of the Parliament of World Religions:

            The first Parliament was organized in 1893 in Chicago, USA. In 1993 about 7000 people participated to celebrate the centennial events in Chicago. Last Parliament of World Religions was held in 2015, at Salt Lake City, USA.

Mission and Approach of the Parliament of World Religions:

            To create and cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities. To promote interreligious harmony, rather than unity.

Vision of the Parliament of World Religions:

Just, peaceful and sustainable World.


For details please contact: Ecumenical & Interfaith Affairs Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto @416-934-3400 Ex. 344, 527 or call 416-555-5555.  


For detailed information and registration please visit: www.parliamentofreligions.org

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