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Ministry Positions in English

To learn more about current volunteer opportunities, please contact your local parish directly.

Through the Sacrament of Baptism, we are called to share our gifts with others and with the world. Given the importance of this call from God, it is essential that we, as a community, do everything in our power to ensure that the offerings are shared fairly, at the right time and by the right people. We fulfill our mission more effectively when we do our utmost to ensure a richer, stronger more vibrant community of faith.

  1. Adoration Coordinator
  2. Altar Server - Adult
  3. Altar Server - Child-Youth
  4. Altar Server Coordinator
  5. Baptismal Preparation Coordinator
  6. Baptismal Preparation Team Member
  7. Bereavement Team Coordinator
  8. Bereavement Team Member
  9. Bible Study Coordinator
  10. Building and Maintenance Committee Member
  11. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Catechist
  12. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Parish Coordinator
  13. Choir Director
  14. Choir Member - Youth-Child
  15. Choir Member or Music Ministry Member - Adult
  16. Collection Counter
  17. Collection Counter Coordinator
  18. Core Team Member
  19. Custodian-Maintenance Person.pdf
  20. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
  21. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Coordinator
  22. Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion of the Sick to Homes-Institutions
  23. Key Holder-Electronic Passcode Access
  24. Lay Pastoral Visitor
  25. Lay Pastoral Visitor Coordinator
  26. Lector
  27. Lectors' Coordinator
  28. Liturgical Environment Planner
  29. Liturgical Hospitality - Greeters and Ushers
  30. Liturgical Hospitality Coordinator
  31. Liturgy of the Word with Children Coordinator
  32. Liturgy of the Word with Children Helper
  33. Liturgy of the Word with Children Leader-Presider
  34. Marriage Preparation Coordinator
  35. Marriage Preparation Facilitator
  36. Mothers Group Leader Coordinator
  37. Mothers Group, Children's Care - Babysitting Services
  38. New Beginnings, Peer Support Group Facilitator
  39. Outreach Program Cook
  40. Outreach Program Coordinator
  41. Outreach Program Friendly Visitor
  42. Outreach Program Meal Delivery
  43. Outreach Program, Server
  44. Parish Event Activities Coordinator-Leader
  45. Parish Event Activities Helper
  46. Parish Finance Council Member
  47. Parish Finance Council Vice-Chairperson
  48. Parish Fundraising Committee Coordinator
  49. Parish Fundraising Committee Member
  50. Parish Office Assistant Volunteer
  51. Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson
  52. Parish Pastoral Council Member
  53. Parish Social Ministries
  54. Parish Volunteer Screening Committee Member
  55. Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator
  56. Prayer Group Coordinator
  57. Prayer Group Member
  58. RCIA adapted for Children of Catechetical Age Catechist
  59. RCIA Catechist
  60. RCIA Director
  61. Refugee Sponsorship Committee Member
  62. Religious Articles Purchaser
  63. Religious Articles Vendor
  64. Religious Education Assistant
  65. Religious Education Catechist
  66. Religious Education Coordinator
  67. Sacramental Preparation Coordinator.pdf
  68. Sacramental Preparation Team Member
  69. ShareLife Campaign Chairperson
  70. ShareLife Campaign Committee Member
  71. Social Committee Coordinator
  72. Social Committee Member
  73. Sports League Coach
  74. Totus Tuus Camp Volunteer
  75. Totus Tuus Parish Host Family
  76. Totus Tuus Program Coordinator
  77. Volunteer Driver
  78. Wedding Coordinator
  79. Youth Minister
  80. Youth Minister’s Assistant
  81. Youth Ministers' Director