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Volunteer Screening Process

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Strengthening the Caring Community: Volunteer Screening Program (established 2001) is a part of the Archdiocese of Toronto's Safe Environment Policy. It ensures that all vulnerable persons, volunteers, Ministry Leaders, and participants are able to engage in a safe, caring community. The Volunteer Screening Department at the Catholic Pastoral Centre has oversight of the program; however, each parish administers the program locally. 

Persons who may be in charge of your local volunteer screening program include:

  • The Pastor or members of the Pastoral Team
  • Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator or Committee
  • Parish Secretary or Administrator
  • Ministry Leaders

Risk-Based Screening

Every person within the Archdiocese who wants to volunteer must complete the mandatory screening steps before volunteering begins. Depending on the level of risk, volunteer applicants will have to complete multiple steps.

The Archdiocese considers every volunteer opportunity (call Ministry Positions) either General or High Risk. 


General Risk positions require volunteer applicants to take the following mandatory steps: 

  1. Complete an Application Form
  2. Complete Orientation and Training
  3. Sign Acknowledgement and Agreement Form
  4. Receive Ongoing Supervision

High Risk positions (also called Positions of Trust) require volunteer applicants to take the following mandatory steps:

  1. Complete an Application Form
  2. Complete an In-Person Interview
  3. Complete a Reference Check
  4. Complete a Criminal Records Check
  5. Complete Orientation and Training
  6. Sign Acknowledgement and Agreement Form
  7. Complete an Annual Self-Review and Offence Declaration as part of Ongoing Supervision



About Criminal Records Checks

The Archdiocese of Toronto requires all adult volunteers (18+) in High Risk Ministries (Positions of Trust) to complete a mandatory Criminal Records & Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC), BEFORE beginning in Ministry. 

  • Volunteers must repeat CRJMCs every five years and complete Annual Offence Declarations each year between checks. 
  • These requirements are part of the Archdiocese Safe Environment and Risk Management policies.

The Archdiocese pays for all Criminal Records & Judicial Matters Checks completed through our established third-party service-provider. 

  • Potential volunteers who choose to complete the CRJMC through local police services will not be reimbursed.
  • The Archdiocese of Toronto does not accept CRJMCs completed through other organizations, including school boards and other non-profit organizations
  • CRJMCs completed through the Archdiocese can be shared with other organizations, per their own policies.

To find out if you are required to complete a Criminal Records & Judicial Matters Check or how you can complete your police check through your parish, please contact your Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator or your Parish Office.

For other questions regarding CRJMCs, contact the Volunteer Screening Department at volunteerscreening@archtoronto.org or 416-934-3400 x 517.