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About Project Hope

A Project Hope refugee from Iraq made a quick decision to leave her home with her children when her husband and son didn’t return from work one day. The previous day, the family had received death threats for being Christian. She left with only their identification papers. She has no information about the fate of her husband and son but couldn’t risk staying in her home. She wants to start a new life with her children far away from injustice, fear and persecution.

In recent days, shocking images and stories of refugees in peril have provided a wake-up call to the world. In response to this global humanitarian crisis, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, announced on September 8, 2015, the launch of Project Hope, a special emergency appeal to respond to the tragic situation.

The 100-day campaign will have a target of $3 million and a goal of settling 100 refugee families within the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible. The effort will also require 100 volunteer committees to assist with settlement services. The archdiocese will prioritize refugees fleeing war and violence in areas of greatest need, including Syria and Iraq, regardless of religious affiliation.

The archdiocese established the Office for Refugees (ORAT) in 2009 to advocate and facilitate the welcome of refugees to the region. To date, ORAT has initiated the resettlement of 2,519 refugees, sponsored by 160 Catholic churches. Project Hope is above and beyond ORAT's previously scheduled efforts.​

Get involved today. Give hope today.

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