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About the Refugee Crisis

A Project Hope refugee from East Africa was forced to flee his home in secret after men showed up at his door telling him he had to work for them or be killed. While on the run, he was found and continued to receive death threats. His sister was murdered after trying to visit him to give him money. The man collected his mother and left the country and is currently in Jordan awaiting the day when he will be able to leave his fears behind and move to Canada.

​The world is experiencing its most intense refugee crisis since the Second World War and there is no end in sight. More than 650,000 people are living in refugee camps in Jordan, according to the United Nations. Catholic relief agencies report that nearly 700,000 more – a large percentage are children – have crossed into Europe so far this year. All are fleeing violence, lawlessness and religious intolerance in their homelands. Thousands are trying to make their way across European boarders every day, desperate for protection and stability.

Most are fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving most of their worldly possessions behind and risking their lives to find safe haven in Europe and North America. They travel by boat and by foot, enduring deplorable conditions and uncertain food and clean water. They need our help.

On September 8, Cardinal Thomas Collins launched the 100-day Project Hope campaign, calling on the faithful of the Archdiocese of Toronto to raise $3 million and organize 100 sponsorship groups in order to support 100 refugee families. 

Get involved today. Give hope today.

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