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One Project Hope refugee family from Iraq began receiving threats three years ago. A terrorist group tried to storm their home and fired shots at the walls from the outside. Other Christian families in the neighbourhood were similarly targeted. Last year, the family was told their daughter couldn’t go to daycare because her morals would corrupt other children. The family continued to face death threats, forcing them to flee to Jordan. As they wait for their escape, they are tormented by the memories of the past few years. They long for a day when they will live in peace.

​Get involved today. Give hope today. 

​Please support Project Hope by making a financial contribution:

  • Donate online via our website
  • By phone via credit card through the Development Office at 416-934-3411

  • Through their local Catholic church, making cheques payable to:
    “(Name of Parish) – Project Hope – Refugee Sponsorship
    Special humanitarian relief envelopes are also available at local parishes.

You are also welcome to donate your time. Join a volunteer committee today!