Older woman and young boy cleaning pews in the parish, wearing masks

Questions for Personal Reflection

  1. How do I spend my time – what activities do I value the most?
  2. Do I have talents that I would like to share with my parish community?  What would I like to offer? 
  3. What does the “Sacrament of the Present Moment” look like in my day?  Do I take the time to express gratitude to God for the present moment?
  4. What does deep stewardship mean to me?  How does it influence and inform my parish community? 
  5. Using a pie chart to visually reflect:
    1. How am I sharing my talent with the Church?
    2. How am I sharing my time with the Church?
    3. How am I sharing my treasure with the Church?
    4. How does this division of the pie fit into my overall life?
    5. What percentage of time do I devote to sharing my talents throughout the entire day? 
  6. What do I own and what owns me?
  7. What changes in my life is God calling me to make at this time?
  8. Are there blockages that prevent me from embracing a life of deep stewardship?  What might assist me with incorporating stewardship into my life?
  9. Have I ever reflected on the gifts and talents that God has bestowed on me?  How is God calling me to share these gifts?
  10. How am I providing the vulnerable with the necessities of life (James 2:15-17)?  Do the necessities include more than food, clothing, and shelter?  Is there a provision to relieve the pain of social isolation, loneliness, lack of meaning in one’s life?
  11. Who has been an example to me of someone who lives a saintly life, richly engaged in deep stewardship?  Can I give thanks for the inspiration and encouragement such an example provides for me?
  12. How can I cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards God and others?