​St. Michael's Cathedral

Our Parish Goal: $1,340,000

Our Parish Share*: $335,000

​St. Michael's Cathedral has grown from humble beginnings to the beautiful structure it is today.

It is the centre for major archdiocesan liturgical celebrations, and a place of worship for many who attend its 24 weekly and 6 Sunday Masses. Through community volunteers we care for the poor and the homeless. We run youth, young adult and seniors programs. We offer opportunities for faith enrichment through bible study and other catechetical programs. St. Michael's is also a place of pilgrimage for other parishes, schools and private tour groups.

With funds received through the Family of Faith campaign, we will develop new parish programs and train volunteers to run them. We will repair and enhance our old and new meeting spaces and install furnishings and equipment to aid the parish in its evangelizing efforts.

We will renew the vestments, server gowns, altar cloths and linens to maintain the beauty and solemnity of our liturgical worship.