​​​​St Ann's Parish and Native Peoples' Mission

Our Parish Goal: $110,000

For Actual Raised, click here. 

St. Ann's parish and Native Peoples' mission is a strong and energetic faith-filled community. We are proud of the diversity of our parish. Thanks to our parishioners we run many programs and grow together as a family of faith.

With the funds that we receive from our Family of Faith campaign we will renovate our parish hall. Our hall is the focal point for parish social and pastoral life. It is used for food bank services and social outreach meetings. We will make renovations to better serve our parish community. We look forward to being able to also earn income off of the hall once the renovation is complete.

We are on Phase IV of renewing our 100 year old church, including the restoration of our beautiful stained glass windows. The funds raised will help us pay down our debt to the archdiocese.

We look forward to this exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family - brothers and sisters in Christ!