​​​​St Benedict's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $625,000

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St. Benedict's parish has grown ten-fold since we opened in 1955. What began as a small group of 400 families is now a vibrant, multicultural parish of more than 4,000 families. We effectively minister to our seniors families and youth through the celebration of the sacraments, catechesis, faith formation, festivities, and social outreach. Our Salesian identity ties this all together with its joyful spirituality of holiness that matures in everyday life. We are a dynamic faith community!

Your support of the Family of Faith campaign will provide concrete help to St. Benedict's, our spiritual home.  We will repair the uneven granite steps outside the front of the church and repair the rusted railing to eliminate the hazard this poses to our parishioners and visitors. In addition, we will pay down the loan provided to us by the archdiocese to purchase a new boiler for our church.

We look forward to this important new phase of our parish and archdiocesan life, remembering that we are a family, brothers and sisters in Christ!