​​​​St Brigid's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $340,000

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Photo of the outside of St Brigid's church.St. Brigid's parish is a strong and energetic faith-filled community that has served its parishioners since 1920. We are proud of our multicultural identity, celebrating Mass in Italian and English. Thanks to our parishioners we run many programs and grow together as a family of faith.

With the funds that we receive from our Family of Faith campaign, we will invest in a bereavement ministry program to support people during their time of grief. Our catechesis program will prepare children and adults for sacraments and reception into the Church. Additionally, we will hire a youth minister to provide age-appropriate programming and spiritual growth for our youth.

Our church, nearing its centennial year, also requires upgrades to ensure that it remains a comfortable and welcoming place for us all.   We will use money from our building fund as well as Family of Faith campaign to address the capital needs at our parish. We will establish our priorities as we move forward with the following projects:

•             Replace the church roof, as the slates are falling off, and the roof is leaking;

•             Replace the church carpeting and re-paint the church interior.

We will also pay down our debt to the archdiocese.

We look forward to this exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family - brothers and sisters in Christ!