​​​​​St. Dunstan's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $245,000

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​Since the establishment of St. Dunstan's in 1923, our parish has served the Catholic population straddling the border of East York and Scarborough. Our parish community includes many new immigrants with a diversity of ethnic backgrounds, making St. Dunstan's truly "Catholic" or universal.

Our facilities need to be revitalized to meet the needs of our parishioners. With the funds we receive in the Family of Faith campaign, we will install air conditioning in the church, making the building more comfortable during the summer. Our carpeting will be replaced with tiled flooring to make it easier to maintain.

We will update the rectory, which requires essential renovations, including a fresh coat of paint. We also will use part of the funds to help pay off the archdiocesan loan for our new roof.

Once these needs are addressed, we will start a building fund to go towards building a proper parish hall, since we are currently restricted by our lack of existing meeting space.

With the Family of Faith campaign, let us all work together to ensure a bright future for St. Dunstan's and our archdiocese, expressing our unity as one family, brothers and sisters in Christ.