​​​St. Fidelis Parish

Our Parish Goal: $265,000

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Photo of the interior of the church, depicting a crucifix and a stained glass window.For four decades, we have gathered to worship, grow our faith, and serve others at St. Fidelis parish. We have been blessed with a wonderful parish community which celebrates together as a close-knit family of faith.

With funds we receive from our Family of Faith campaign, we will enhance our music ministry program by installing audio-visual equipment and LCD monitors.

Our parish continues to thrive and we make every effort to ensure that our building is maintained in good order. However, we still have many needs. We will address the priorities below in the following order as funds become available:

•             Replace the rooftop HVAC systems

•             Replace the church carpeting

•             Repave the parking lot

•             Repair various roof areas.

As a family of faith, we have been a shining light for the whole community. Let us continue to work together so that our parish can meet the needs of future generations.