​​​​​St. Jude's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $365,000

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""St. Jude's parish is a strong and culturally-diverse faith-filled community. Thanks to our parishioners we run many programs and grow together as a family of faith.

With the funds that we receive from our Family of Faith campaign we will invest in our youth ministry program, providing age-appropriate faith formation for the young people in our parish community. We will also revitalize our social justice ministry to care for the needs of families in our community.

Additionally, we look forward to providing faith-formation programs to our parishioners, helping them to strengthen their faith.

Our church has many important and necessary capital projects that we will be pursuing in the coming years. We will establish our priorities as we move forward with the following projects as funds become available:

•             Install air conditioning units in our church to provide a more comfortable worship space in the summer months;

•             Remove the old carpeting in the church and refinish the flooring;

•             Relocate our sacristy to a better location.

We will also pay down our debt to the archdiocese, owed for the replacement of our roof and restoration of our church.

We look forward to this exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family - brothers and sisters in Christ!