​​​​St. Louis de France Parish

Our Parish Goal: $110,000

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Image from St. Louis de France Parish

The aim of the Family of Faith campaign is to strengthen, inspire and transform the archdiocese and its parishes.

With the funds we receive from the Family of Faith campaign, we will implement various initiatives geared towards our parish youth.

Skilled individuals will be asked to provide guidance and support to youth of different ages, in areas that respond to their specific needs.

In addition, we will be undertaking some construction work at the back of our church to address the land erosion problem.

Finally, we are excited to work with five other francophone parishes in the archdiocese to establish and provide services in French. These services will include RCIA, marriage preparation, and a French language resource centre which will provide services in matters related to faith, as well as host large group events.

We are now given the chance to enhance the spirit of our Church. Let’s not miss this great opportunity.