​​​​​St. Roch's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $365,000

For Actual Raised, click here. 

​Since its foundation as a parish in 1968, St. Roch's has grown from a few families to over 3,000. What started as a primarily Italian group has now blossomed into a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community. This is reflected in our schools and in our worship together.

With our participation in the Family of Faith campaign of the archdiocese, we look forward to installing new boilers in the church and parish centre.  Both of these systems were part of the original construction of the buildings.  The parish centre system is over 40 years old (1972) while the church is almost as old (1977).

In addition, we will pay down the debt we owe to the archdiocese when we borrowed funds for our new roof.

We are excited about our participation in this new phase of our growth, remembering that as family, we help Jesus build His church.