​​​​St Wenceslaus Parish

Our Parish Goal: $50,000

For Actual Raised, click here.

St. Wenceslaus parish is a dynamic community of faith. In the 1940s, Czech refugees arrived in Toronto. Their Catholic pastoral needs were met by our parish community, which was officially established in 1951 with our first pastor Fr. Anthony Bernacek. Our church was consecrated in 1964.

This past year we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We are proud of our Czech heritage, and grateful to worship Christ in the holy sacrifice of the Mass as a community brought together by a common culture and tradition.

With the funds that we will raise in the Family of Faith campaign, we will dedicate our share of the money towards renovations in our parish hall kitchen. We envision renting out our parish hall for income purposes, and in order to do so, our kitchen must be upgraded.

We look forward to this next exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family, brothers and sisters in Christ!