​​​St. John Vianney Parish

Our Parish Goal: $1,500,000

Our plan is to meet the needs of our growing parish through expanding our programs at St. John Vianney parish for:


    1. Youth Ministry
      1. March for Life
      2. Steubenville
      3. Lift Jesus Higher Rally
    2. Music Ministry
      1. Singers and Musicians
      2. Rhythm & Rhyme
      3. Theatre Group
    3. Social Outreach Ministry
      1. Lay Pastoral
      2. Out of the Cold
      3. David Busby
    4. Infrastructure


Youth Ministry

Photo of a boy giving a thumbs up to the camera.Investing in our youth with dynamic and diverse programs allow for formation into adult life in the church.  LifeTeen and EDGE offer teens a way to connect to Christ through activities and rallies with their peers across Ontario, Canada and North America. Currently, St. John Vianney parish offers ten programs to our young parishioners ranging from the Lift Jesus Higher Rally to the St. John Vianney Day Camp.  All of these programs have costs associated with their participation and financial burden for some to attend is a very real concern; but with the $200,000 allocated from our Family of Faith campaign, we can support our youth regardless of their financial ability to contribute. 

Music Ministry

We are fortunate to have a thriving music ministry.  Together singers and musicians share a sacred responsibility to lead the responses, songs and hymns during mass as well as promoting active participation of the entire congregation in singing and quiet reflection.  While it is important to maintain hymns and songs that are traditional and familiar, it is also essential that our music reflects the preferences of our multi-generational parish, and invites a broader age group to participate in this special ministry.  It is in this light that we are introducing new programs. Rhythm and Rhyme is open to children and teens from Grade 3 through Grade 12 offering a progressive musical education from basic elements of rhythm and rudimentary music theory for the Cherubs in Grades 3 to 5, increasing to more hands-on guitar and drum kit exploration for the Seraphs in Grades 6 to 8 to the Heraldz; St. John Vianney's Youth Band.

St. John Vianney parish is also excited to announce the formation of a theatre group to provide an additional outlet for the creative and musical outlet of sharing the good news of Christ.

Social Outreach Ministry

Meeting the needs of people who are less fortunate are the challenges of our Social Outreach Ministry.  Our Lay Pastoral Ministry will offer volunteers the training needed to help connect with families and provide spiritual guidance to those whose distance from the chapel prevent regular visits. 

Volunteers are able to meet the needs of those less fortunate through our Out of the Cold program, active David Busby partnership and toy drives.


In addition to offering our vibrant and growing parish new and improved programs, in order to meet the immediate needs, we will extend our east parking lot by 112 spaces.  This expansion will involve extending into the current lawn and hill to make room for these new spaces.  The campaign will cover the cost.