​​​St Anthony of Padua Parish

Our Parish Goal: $620,000

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​Since the founding of our parish in 1976 by the Conventual Franciscan Friars, St. Anthony of Padua parish has drawn families together to live as a family of faith.

We are centred as a family by living our faith in Christ, especially His paschal mystery: "Save us Saviour of the world, for by Your cross and resurrection You have set us free."

The Family of Faith campaign will help us live the way of the cross and be the light of the resurrection. We meet Christ in our parish church.

With your support of the Family of Faith campaign:

  • We will replace our broken and worn-down pews with new pews made of solid wood;
  • We will improve the interior and exterior lighting to ensure greater efficiency and ease in maintenance;
  • We will renovate our washrooms, which are old and in need of repair;
  • We will replace our outdoor sign with one that is both attractive and informative.

St. Anthony of Padua parish always works for the good of the Church. As we embrace the campaign, let us embrace each other as a family of faith.