​​​St. Gertrude's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $1,000,000

Our plan will meet the needs of our parish through paying down our debt and expand our programs at St. Gertrude:

a.      Youth Ministry: Youth ministry at St Gertrude's parish, has truly taken on a comprehensive form, including relational ministry; where we build relationships with young people, challenging them to deepen their faith and grow in a virtuous life. We will implement programs where church teachings are brought to life in dynamic ways, allowing youth to live a life joyfully immersed in the church and not simply obedient to her. And finally, we will provide experiences of encounter where youth have the opportunity to meet God face to face, wherein they will begin a personal relationship with the most holy trinity.

Photo of two senior parishioners speaking with the pastor of St Gertrude's, Fr. Choi.b.      Senior Ministry: This active group will share its experience, wisdom and faithful servitude in St. Gertrude's parish. Their maturity of faith encourages thanksgiving throughout the parish, finds fellowship with one another and assists with various outreach activities. St. Gertrude's parish will continue to provide different avenues so that seniors may grow in their faith and spread the Gospel to their peers and parishioners.

c.       Adult Faith Formation: As faithful Catholics, we are all challenged by Christ to spread the Gospel and welcome new parishioners to our family of faith at St. Gertrude's parish. For those who are new to the faith or who are looking to be reunited with their relationship with Christ and the Church, St. Gertrude's is committed to offering programs to renew evangelization.

 d.    Debt Retirement: Our parish will pay down its debt to the archdiocese for the costs of church and meeting room renovations, repaving the parking lot and demolishing the old rectory and building the new one.

e.      Capital Maintenance Fund: In anticipation of future building needs, we will establish a capital maintenance fund. This will help address future planned and unplanned expenses that arise from maintaining St. Gertrude's buildings.