​​​St Leonard's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $620,000

For Actual Raised, click here. 

Our parish was established in 1983. Initially, Mass was held at Sacred Heart school and later at St. Leonard's school, until finally the first Mass was celebrated in 1990 in the new church of St. Leonard's. Over the years, we have gathered here for the various sacraments, including our greatest treasure, which is the Mass.

With our parish's share from the Family of Faith campaign, we will purchase catechetical materials for our children and youth and invest in our youth programs to better provide for the spiritual needs of the youth in our parish. We will also repair the worn-down pew kneelers.

Additionally, we will help our sister parish, Guardian Angels—whose parishioners used to belong to our parish—as they raise funds to build a church for their parish community.

As a family of faith we can continue to be a beacon in our community by our charity. Let us join with all archdiocesan parishes to continue the work that will be shared with future generations.

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