​​​​​​Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our Parish Goal: $335,000

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Here at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish, we have experienced tremendous growth through our almost thirty-year existence. We are very fortunate to have a strong community of faith with many gifts and talents. These blessings have allowed for us to evangelize, be witnesses of God's love, and help our brothers and sisters of Christ in time of need.

Our generous parishioners have allowed our parish to achieve many goals, such as paying off the mortgage, replacing the pews and installing air conditioning. 

As a parish family, we want everyone to be able to participate in the sacraments, parish activities and groups. In order to ensure that all people are able to worship comfortably at Our Lady of Guadalupe, with the funds we receive from the Family of Faith campaign we will invest in making our church building wheelchair accessible.

We look forward to this next exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family, brothers and sisters in Christ!

two people in wheelchairs in front of the steps of the church