​​​​Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish

Our Parish Goal: $390,000

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Photo of a stained glass window of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, taken from inside the church.Our Lady of the Annunciation parish served as a mission of St. Mary Immaculate parish for a number of years. Our parish community was organized and established as its own parish through hard work, dedication and fundraising. Finally in 1988, our new church was built and blessed by Bishop Clune.

Our Lady of the Annunciation continues to grow as a vibrant, committed and active parish. We have lots to look forward to as we continue to be a welcoming, friendly and accessible place for all who worship and visit this place.

Our biggest challenge is to properly accommodate the ever-increasing number of people who become engaged in the life and ministries of the parish. We cannot do it without your financial support.

With your support of the Family of Faith campaign, we will:

•             Improve the church accessibility to accommodate the growing needs and demands of the parish;

•             Relocate parish office to the church;

•             Expand meeting space for parish groups;

•             Hire a youth ministry coordinator to provide programs and activities for our youth.

Through your support of the Family of Faith campaign, and prayers, we can begin the process of accomplishing these goals.