​​​​St David's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $835,000

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resurrected Jesus cross above the altar

For almost three decades, we have gathered to worship, grow our faith and serve others at St. David's parish. For 22 years, we've been blessed with a beautiful building where we are able to celebrate all the important sacramental events of our lives.

Our parish continues to grow and in these last five years, we've made great strides in making St. David's financially secure and keeping our building in good order.

With our parish's share from the Family of Faith campaign, we will undertake important major repairs. We will fix the church roof, which leaks each time it rains. We will also replace the bricks in our bell tower, since they are loose and damaged. Finally, we will repair our cracked and crumbling retaining wall, which separates our parking lot from the conservation area. These will be large projects and our parish share of the campaign will help us ensure our parish infrastructure is maintained and properly cared for.

As a family of faith, we have been a shining light for the whole community. Let's continue to work together so that our parish can meet the needs of future generations.