​​​​St Jerome's Parish

Our Parish Goal: $565,000

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statue of St. Jerome

St. Jerome's parish is a strong and energetic faith-filled community enriched by its multicultural diversity. Thanks to our parishioners we run many programs and grow together as a family of faith. We are especially proud of our wonderful music ministry, which relies on the generous commitment of parishioners of all ages and the numerous parishioners to eagerly volunteer in the various ministries offered by our parish. We are thankful for the generosity of our parishioners, which has allowed us to sponsor two refugee families.

We rely on that generosity once again. With the funds that we receive from our Family of Faith campaign we will move our tabernacle to a more prominent place in the church. We will also purchase new materials to continue evangelization with varied programs and initiatives throughout the parish.

We look forward to building a new rectory that is closer to the church. We will repave our parking lot, which is old and cracking to ensure the safety of all.

We will also pay down our debt to the archdiocese.

We look forward to this exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family - brothers and sisters in Christ!