​Our Lady of Lourdes, Toronto​

illustration of Mary - Building up the City of God Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

Our Parish Goal: $430,000

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A recent building condition assessment indicated our church building is in need of much work, particularly to the exterior walls and foundation. Three main projects require immediate attention.

Brick and Stone Masonry

Several locations on all four of our exterior walls show brick and stone masonry deterioration. The west wall requires masonry restoration. The chimney needs special attention, as does the court area, where the entrance ramp and brick paving cause water to accumulate and seep into the basement.  Our accessibility ramp will need to be broken up and replaced to meet code. The east wall has cracks in the exterior floor tiles of the entrance porch and the stone steps leading to it.  The stone columns and their bases are showing surface deterioration and streaking, and the decorative stone elements are stained.  The north wall is showing brick discolouration and many crawl space vents are plugged with sand and dirt.  Where the south wall of Lynch Hall meets the west wall of the church, bricks are chipped and broken, and there is joint degradation and discolouration.  Bricks at the piers are also showing discolouration, joint cracking or gaps.    

Basement and Foundation

Portions of the foundation walls outside and in the basement are in poor condition.  One section of the rubble stone foundation under the old church shows water stains and signs of mold.  In other areas, frost and moisture penetration are evident.  By excavating outside the church we can waterproof the foundation to prevent future degradation. 

Parking Lot and Retaining Wall

As a result of pooling water, the stone retaining wall has been damaged and must now be taken down and rebuilt.  As well, the parking lot asphalt surfaces need to be removed and re-graded.  Holes will be drilled and capped with grills to create systems that can quickly drain water and prevent ponding.   We will replace our parking lot lighting with LED lights. Motion detector lamps in under-lit areas can also be added to strengthen the building’s security and light the way for parishioners and visitors coming and going after dark.