​​​​St Barnabas Parish

Our Parish Goal: $885,000

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Photo depicting the outreach that St Barnabas parish wishes to add to their parish programs.St. Barnabas parish is a strong and energetic faith-filled community, and we are very proud of our community's diversity. It is one of our greatest strengths. Thanks to our parishioners we run many programs and grow together as a family of faith.

We strive to connect with each and every one of our parishioners and provide guidance as we all grow in our spiritual journeys. With the funds we receive from our Family of Faith campaign, we will:

•             Develop our youth programs to help our parish youth strengthen their faith and become faith leaders in our community;

•             Provide catechetical and biblical programs for parishioners, guiding them to a deeper understanding of their faith;

•             Train a great number of our active parishioners to reach out to families who are inactive in the parish. This will allow our parish to become more of a missionary Catholic community.

Our church building gives us the ability to come together as a community to worship and strengthen our faith. We will establish our priorities as we move forward with the following projects as funds become available:

•             Replace the carpeting and redesign the sanctuary to provide a greater focus on the altar and tabernacle;

•             Renovation of our hall meeting spaces.

We look forward to this exciting phase of our parish and archdiocese, remembering that we are family - brothers and sisters in Christ!