St. Francis Xavier Parish, Mississauga

Our Parish Goal: $2,400,000

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 Scenery picture outside St. Francis Xavier parish

The funds raised through our Family of Faith campaign will be used to enrich our community.

After careful consideration of the feedback received from parishioners, we have identified the following as our parish’s priorities.

Youth and Adult Programs: With over 200 youth attending our programs weekly, we need to continue our investment in this growing area which builds up the Kingdom of God. The adult programs also are well attended and have become a vital part of our parish ministry that needs additional investment.

Sidewalk, walkways and parking lot repairs: Repairs and structural changes are required to even and prevent heaving on sidewalks and walkways around the premises and repair damaged surfaces in the parking lot.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) Repair: Our HVAC system compressor has deteriorated.

Our aging washroom facilities are in need of improvements. Efficient washroom facilities in a clean and hygienic environment.

Roof Repairs: Shingles and skylight need replacement. Repairs are required in the hatch and other areas. This will prevents roof leaks and further structural damage.

Fire sprinkler & lighting upgrades: Currently, fire sprinkler system upgrades are required to meet current fire code standards. Our church’s fluorescent lighting is inefficient, increasing hydro costs. Benefits: Compliance with fire safety standards. Replacement of lighting with LEDs will provide energy and related cost savings.