Family News

Family News is the Family of Faith campaign's newsletter for donors. The newsletter will be published several times per year.  Please note that Family Update, our weekly roll-up of campaign progress, will continue to be published throughout the duration of the campaign. Your feedback is important to us.  If you have any questions or comments about Family News please connect with John Ecker at either jecker@archtoronto.org or 416.934.3400 x805.

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Family Update

Family Update is the weekly summary of Family of Faith campaign activity. In this publication we share the latest information about the campaign’s progress, share good news from participating parishes and provide tips and advice for pastors and volunteers. The current issue is posted each week. Back issues are available here. If you have questions about Family Update, contact John Ecker, Director of Campaign Communications at jecker@archtoronto.org or 416.934.3400 x805.

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​Volume 4

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