St. Mark's Parish, Stouffville

Our Parish Goal: $1,300,000

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Artists concept of renovations for St. Mark's ParishSt. Mark’s is a community that has seldom stood still since its founding. In the past decade our Catholic population has surged in growth alongside our surrounding municipality. Now we are ready and excited to take the next step to expand our worship, meeting, community and administrative spaces.

We are called to do this precisely so that we can continue to serve God’s growing family. It is vital that we reach out and welcome both newcomers and those who feel estranged into our fellowship so as to share in our mission to proclaim God’s love, mercy and justice.

We also look beyond ourselves and our own immediate needs to join with the larger Family of Faith campaign and to do our part to support and contribute to this appeal. All of this allows us to do, as Blessed Mother Teresa would say, “something beautiful for God.”

This exciting future presents each one of us with an opportunity—a privilege, really—to make a financial commitment to our building expansion project. I ask each one of us to respond to this opportunity as generously as we possibly can.

Phase 1: projected start date by 2017, when sufficient funding has been committed. Expansion of the Church worship space, meeting space and inner foyer renovation will begin.

Phase 2: elevator, including enclosing structure and completion of parish hall space.
(If funds allow.)

Phase 3: new administrative and sacristy space, narthex expansion, bell tower entrance and the placing of a large window in the front façade.