St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Toronto

Our Parish Goal: $48,750

For Actual Raised, click here.

 Pastor and Parishioner on the stairs

At St. Paul the Apostle parish, we are a family of faith. Our parishioners have done so much together to build and support our community. This strong tradition in Christian faith leads us to prayer, worship and service to others.

We are also mindful that St. Paul the Apostle parish is part of the larger family of faith with the 225 parishes of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Like any family, we must ensure that our home—our church—is cared for, maintained and improved. I invite you to participate in the Family of Faith campaign to help meet the needs of both our parish and our fellow Catholics throughout the archdiocese.

At St. Paul the Apostle parish, 25 per cent of funds raised will remain here to address our parish’s priorities. I invite your participation and ask you to make a sacrificial gift to the Family of Faith campaign.