St. Peter's Parish, Woodbridge

Our Parish Goal: $1,750,000

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image of outside of St. Peter's Parish

Today, there are over 3,000 active families who call St Peter’s their spiritual home. A venue for significant celebrations and a principal meeting place throughout the week, our church has been integral in fostering camaraderie. Our church building has served us well for more than 30 years but structural issues have come to light. Left unaddressed, they will only worsen. In addition, the tremendous growth in our parish community has generated the necessity for a larger gathering space.

The Building Committee is recommending the renewal of our building so that it can better serve the needs of our children and future generations. 

The exterior brick walls are deteriorating and roof flashings are failing to repel rainwater. Our building’s electrical wiring, heating and ventilation systems must be upgraded so they meet current building code standards. With construction taking place, it is opportune to renovate our worship space, sacristy and parish offices.

St Peter’s needs a larger lobby (narthex) for reasons of safety and for gathering as a community. This construction will require reconfiguring the main entrance and driveway. At the same time, we will upgrade our washrooms to ensure barrier-free access and incorporate children’s changing facilities.