St. Francis de Sales Parish, Toronto

Our Parish Goal: $640,000

For Actual Raised, click here.

statue of St. Francis DeSales outside parish entranceAt St. Francis de Sales Parish, we are proud to call our growing church a joyful, diverse and welcoming place, a community of fellowship and love, a parish family of faith. We are also mindful that St. Francis de Sales parish is part of the larger family of faith with the 225 parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Parishes across our diocese have been involved in the Family of Faith Campaign to help sustain our faith community and to engage in priority initiatives identified for each parish.

This joint effort between all the parishes in the archdiocese allows us to support our own parish needs as well as contribute to the overall Archdiocese of Toronto’s Pastoral Plan. 

Our parish is already benefiting of this joint effort with the archdiocese by receiving funding to recruit a Youth Coordinator. This role is instrumental in the development of programs such as EDGE and Life Teen.

Our ultimate goal goes beyond fundraising. More importantly, we strive to grow in ministry and service as we continue to evolve as a faith community.

I invite your participation in the campaign by humbly requesting that you consider making a sacrificial, prayerful and meaningful gift. I ask that you prayerfully consider your participation and give as generously as you can.