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Increased Longevity and its Challenge for Contemporary Ministry

Sr. Mary Rose Marrin, CSJ

“A people has a future if it goes forward with both elements: with the young, who have the strength and move forward; and with those who are older who give life’s wisdom...You (who are aging) have a mission, you have a task. We are called to continue forward to the end of our lives.” (Pope Francis)

This track will present the current reality of increased longevity as a new stage in human development which offers the Church unparalleled potential for spiritual growth and lifelong mission. The style will be interactive, building on the experience of the participants. It will address issues of connection and loss; of the gradual shifts from adulthood to elderhood; of the skills of Spirit-guided reflection, conversation and personal prayer.

It will also outline basic competencies for leaders in Ministry with Maturing Adults (the 50+ population) as well as the obstacles, challenges and blessings in ministry with this population. It will give special attention to the gift of life experience and to the concept of harvesting this experience within a context of faith. In conclusion, it will offer some concrete suggestions for initiating and developing this ministry at the parish level.

Sister Mary Rose MarrinSister Mary Rose Marrin is a Sister of St. Joseph of Toronto with a background in teaching, spiritual formation, congregational leadership and parish ministry. She obtained a BA from the University of Toronto, a Masters of Theological Studies from Jesuit Weston, Cambridge MA (now part of Boston College) and certificates in Spiritual Gerontology and Lifelong Faith Development from the Johnson Institute in St. Louis MO. From 2007 June, 2012, she was engaged in the initiation and development of Ministry with Maturing Adults at St. Mary`s Parish, Barrie ON. From 2012 to 2018 she worked as a volunteer within the Archdiocese of Toronto offering programmes to raise awareness of the need for this emerging ministry. She is recently retired but continues to offer occasional programs to support this ministry.

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