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Graphic Standards

The Archdiocese of Toronto Graphic Standards Manual addresses the major issues of communication applications, but cannot address every design situation that may arise. These standards do, however, establish an overall groundwork for design execution and strategy. In addition, the Office of Public Relations & Communications is available to assist you. This manual uses marketing terms with which you may not be familiar. The following list explains some of the terms used:

 coat of arms – A coat of arms is the primary heraldic identification of the corporation. From ancient times it has been usual and customary for bishops to affix to all instruments incidental to their Episcopal functions an official seal displaying thereon the arms of their associated See either impaled with their personal arms or their arms alone. Until 1935 when a proper corporate arms was designed for the Archdiocese of Toronto, official documents for the most part used the coat of arms of an individual bishop on official church matters.

• logo – a graphic design that is used as a continuing symbol for a company, organization, or brand; it is often in the form of an adaptation of the company name or brand name or used in conjunction with the name.

• wordmark – a standardized graphic representation of the name of a company, institution, or product name used for purposes of identification and branding.

 brand identity – how you would like the public to perceive your product or your brand.

 brand image – the perception of a brand in the minds of other people. The brand image is a reflection of the brand personality or product being promoted or offered. It is what people believe about a brand: their thoughts, feelings, expectations associated with a particular institution or company.

Download: Full Graphic Standards Manual (PDF)