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Conference Resources

If you missed the conference this year, feel free to peruse speaker presentation slides and handouts given to attendees. A big thank you to all our speakers for making their handouts available to those who didn't attend and for helping us to make this event such a success.

Keynote Address

Hunger for Holiness & Witness to Hope
Susan M. Timoney, STD
Susan Timoney

As we face the challenges of the 21st century, how does the Church find its place in our communities and in the world? How do we live our Catholic faith amidst divergent societal, spiritual, and moral influences that question the relevance of Catholicism? Susan led conference participants in a consideration of some of these questions. If you missed her talks or want to refresh your memory, take a look at her presentation slides and watch the videos below.

Celebrant and Homilist

Cardinal Thomas Collins
Cardinal Collins

As always, our dear Cardinal sends us off into the world to live and proclaim the Gospel after we received the Lord in the celebration of the Mass. He reminds us to immerse ourselves in our Catholic faith so that we can become the instruments in which the Lord brings His love and mercy to all.

Stewardship Track

Stewardship: Unlock Your Parish’s Hidden Potential 
Fr. C. Jarrod Lies, STL
Fr. Jarrod Lies

Participants attending this track reflected on how stewardship comes to life in the Word of God and the living Tradition of the Church. Fr. Lies helped participants better understand the relevance of the Four Pillars of Stewardship and the Three Areas of Giving, and how to make stewardship a way of life for every parish. Feel free to download his presentation slides and watch the videos to begin the journey of deep stewardship. 

Catechesis Track

Forming Vibrant Faith: Catechesis for All Ages  
John Roberto
John Roberto

John assisted participants to learn how to use the newest educational methods in our catechetical programs to engage people from all generations more fully in faith forming experiences. Along with his presentation slides and handout below, feel free to peruse his website for more resources that he has set aside for us:

Liturgy Track

The Liturgy: Our Communal Conversation With the Trinity
Fr. Michael McGourty, SLD
Fr. McGourty

Participants of this ministry track had the opportunity to grow in their understanding of liturgy as a way to learn about the faith. With Fr. McGourty at the helm, they explored what can be learned about the Trinity in the various aspects of liturgy: ritual texts, the liturgical year, sacred art, music, and more. If you missed this track, feel free to download his handouts to grow deeper in liturgical ministry.

Family Life Track

Marriage, Family and Moral Education in a Challenging Age
Patricia Murphy, PhD and Fr. Kevin Belgrave, STD
Dr. Patricia Murphy.

Both Patricia and Fr. Belgrave successfully guided our participants in what it means to be made in the image of God. Using the basic principles of St. John Paul II’s beautiful teaching on human love, marriage and family in Theology of the Body, this track gave participants resources and best practices on how parents can support the moral formation of their children in this complex and often difficult era.

Maturing Adults Track

Increased Longevity and its Challenge for Contemporary Ministry
Sr. Mary Rose Marrin, CSJ
Sr. Mary Rose Marrin

We're grateful to Sr. Mary Rose, pioneer and visionary in this ministry, for presenting participants with the current reality of increased longevity as a new stage in human development and the potential for spiritual growth and lifelong mission within the Church. Through interactive activities, sharing of their experience, and group discussions, participants learned of the obstacles, challenges, and blessings in this ministry. They were left with some concrete suggestions for initiating and developing this ministry at the parish level.

  • Presentation slides and handouts are not available.

Ministers of Care Track

Fostering True Dignity at the End of Life
William F. Sullivan, MD, CFPC (COE), PhD
Dr. William Sullivan

In this ministry track, Dr. Sullivan covered the Catholic teaching regarding the inherent dignity, equality, and inviolability of human life and how MAID directly challenges the teachings. In group discussions, participants had the opportunity to discuss practical approaches and alternatives available for Catholic ministers. If you are a minister of care in your parish and missed this track, feel free to download his presentation slides and case discussion handouts to be enriched and gain further skills and tools to enhance in this ministry.

Social Justice Track

Outreach in Justice and Love
Fr. Santo Arrigo, C.Ss.R.
Fr. Santo Arrigo.

Participants who attended this ministry track discovered that one of the oldest churches in Toronto, St. Patrick's Parish, became a leader in social justice with a Catholic influence. Bringing the Church's teachings to life, Fr. Arrigo and the parishioners of St. Patrick's Parish had the mission to support partnership programs abroad and at the local level. Participants learned about the joys and challenges of a parish in action and formulated their own strategies for embarking on the path of social justice. Download his presentation slides and handout as your first step towards building a social justice ministry in your parish.