Marriage Sunday in the Archdiocese of Toronto
Hymn Suggestions


Catholic Book of Worship III Gather Comprehensive (1994) Other Resource
A Nuptial Blessing 870 
Blessing the Marriage 871 
Blest Are Those Who Love You628125 
Come Lord Jesus to This Place627  
Faith, Hope and Love 624 
God is Love  573 (CBW II)
God is Love! The Heavens Are Telling560  
God, in the Planning 868 
God, Who Blesses New Beginnings626  
God, Who Created Hearts to Love  6.27 (Celebrate in Song)
I Have Loved You 504 
In Love We Choose to Live 873 
Like a Seal on Your Heart  Glory and Praise
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling625622 
Love is the Sunlight 866 
O Perfect Love  598 (CBW II)
Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts  611 (Gather Comp. 2nd Edition)
Ubi Caritas (Taize)67 408 
Ubi Caritas (chant)376631 
We Will Serve the Lord 869 
When Love is Found629865 
Where There Is Love631  
Wherever You Go (Haas) 867 
Wherever You Go (Norbert) 872