ORAT Information Sessions

As part of its mission, ORAT provides information sessions to educate the general public, cosponsors, Constituent / Community groups, and newcomers about Refugee Resettlement. A number of different information sessions have been developed that are specifically designed to inform attendees about a specific topic in refugee resettlement. The following provides a summary of each information session along with the date, time and location of the next session. To see all of our Information Sessions and workshops please visit: Eventbrite 

1.       Introduction to Resettlement 

This session is the first step prior to initiating refugee sponsorship through ORAT. Potential sponsors will learn about the various immigration options available for refugees. Cosponsors who do not attend this session will NOT be able to submit a case through ORAT.


2.      How a Parish can Resettle Refugees

With over 70.1 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, the refugee crisis is enormous in size and scope. In this session, parish and community groups will learn how to get started in refugee resettlement. Other Constituent Groups (CGs) can also attend and get matched with refugees. 


3.      IRCC Processing Time 

One of the most important session. CGs and cosponsors whose cases have been submitted for processing to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are strongly encouraged to attend. This session will instruct participants on how to follow up on their refugee sponsorship case, check the status online, as well as updating the visa office of any changes to their files in order to avoid any unwanted delays. 


4.      General Integration Training 

In this session, participants will learn how best to organize their Constituent Groups (CGs) committee; what are the key accountabilities that should be assigned; and how best to support their newcomer in integrating to Canadian society.

5.      Pre-Arrival Training 

This session will instruct participants on how to get fully prepared to welcome their newcomer family; and what legal documents newcomers must receive upon their arrival at the airport. This session provides an excellent forum to get answers to any question that sponsors might have and to overcome any fears or concerns prior to the arrival of the newcomer family.


6.       Budgeting and Finance 

Recent changes have happened to the financial part of refugee sponsorship program, a new RAP rate has been introduced and came into effect January 1st, 2018. Constituent Groups (CGs) and Cosponsors will learn how to budget for refugee families based on IRCC updated financial guidelines. In addition, participants will be trained on Budget & Actual Worksheet Tool, with which they can easily manage and track their finances.

7.     Welcome Orientation

This is a mandatory session for all newcomers who have arrived to Canada through ORAT. At this session, newcomers are provided with information about their legal status in Canada, government documents that they should obtain, government programs that they may have access to, financial and non-financial support from sponsors, newcomer rights and responsibilities, etc. In addition, newcomers will receive a package that contains a Welcome to Canada book and handouts of available services and resources in their areas.  If the newcomer requires translation, the sponsor is requested to arrange for a translator to accompany them to the session.